Personal Training Testimonials

I have been working with Sierra for over three years - I can't believe it, as the time is flying!  She is so knowledgeable, skilled, supportive, helpful - Sierra has worked with me to increase my strength and flexibility, regain range of motion and mobility after my surgery, and increase my stamina.  Sierra also works with me on my overall health, lifestyle, stress management and healthy- eating goals.  Add to all this - she is absolutely lovely, funny, kind, warm and gracious - yet she shows the "tough love" I need at times - making me do hard intervals that challenge me! - truth be told, sometimes I whine. But but she gets me over the resistance "hill", to the other side, and I always feel absolutely great at the end of our training sessions.  She teaches me tips for improving my form, and we discuss strategies for keeping on track with workouts, stress management, eating, drinking (water .... and ... my beloved wine!), sleep and the grand adventures of life.  Sierra is terrific! -Janis M.


I've been working with Sierra for more than two years for several reasons. First, I appreciate her ability to tailor training sessions to my needs. Second, she is adept at ensuring that I use proper form and at devising cues to help me learn to maintain good form. Third, her certification as a yoga instructor provides perspective and depth to her practice and philosophy as a trainer. Finally, she is a lovely person and pleasure to work with. -Kirsten N.


My husband and I started going to Sierra about six months before our wedding! We were trying to get in shape and look good for our big day! She helped me lose 30 pounds and my husband 60! She is a great trainer and you'll definitely get a great work out in when working with her. We saw the most results when we saw her twice a week and she trained us together which was perfect : ) -Tanya F.


"I've been training with Sierra for over a year now and I am very happy with it from both a session by session basis as well as long time results basis.  She's flexible with my busy schedule and pleasant to work with.  I started off as a beginner (I did not grow up with exercise as part of my regiment) and through her guidance I feel like I have learned so much more about how to take care of my body not only in terms of just working out but more holistically to include everything mental health and healthy eating.  I would recommend her to anyone of any fitness level as she is constantly adapting to your physical abilities and providing you with new work out routines that will challenge your body in the best way possible!" -Judy L.


"I have been working with Sierra and she is a damn miracle worker. I am already reasonably fit, and she somehow manages to bring me to the brink of "oh my god gonna die/throw up" (in a good way!) almost every time. And yet she is still the most likable, motivating person!" -Crystal C.


"I've been seeing Sierra for about 4 months.  I came to her after having never done any real exercise....  and she has been great!  She's so patient and good at explaining what I should be doing.  She also goes out of her way to accommodate my schedule.  I'm thrilled I found her and would highly recommend her." -Carly G.