Nutrition Coaching is included in all personal training packages. However, if you wish to focus mainly on nutrition it can be a great way to gain awareness of your current eating patterns and start to be more mindful about your choices. Coaching involves a monthly video chat where you and Sierra discuss your nutritional goals as well as your current diet and health concerns. From there, you will determines some first steps to move towards healthier food choices. Each week Sierra checks in on you via email to see how you are doing on your goals. At the end of the month you’ll have another video chat with Sierra to review how it went and what new goals need to be set for the next month. Sierra will assign you specific tasks to work some examples might be going to the grocery store every weekend to get healthy groceries for the week or eating a healthy breakfast daily. This is all about building HABITS not going on a DIET. This is why it works and is maintainable long term.

In the meantime…. There is A LOT of misinformation on this internet. The links below are trusted nutritional resources that can guide you in your learning.

Nutritional Resources: