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Stress and Rest

Hello and welcome to the blog section of my site! In this blog you will find ideas that have come from conversations between my clients and me, discussions with other fitness professionals, yoga instructors, and artists of all kind. This is not strictly to tell you how to perform an exercise with correct form - though you may learn that too - but to open conversations on how we can live our lives in a healthy and fulfilling manner.

I have been a personal trainer for over 2 years now. I got into training because I am a dancer. I’ve danced ballet since I was 8 years old and studied many styles of dance including ballet, modern, jazz, lyrical, african etc. since that time. Dance is still a big part of my life and is my emotional outlet but the lessons I learned from growing up in dance studios are truly what made me who I am today. My hope is that this blog can shed light on some insights I have discovered through intensive dance training, working one on one with clients in gyms and most recently, teaching yoga. I am only at the beginning of a much longer adventure but I feel like I’ve acted like a sponge for years soaking up any and all knowledge I can find about our bodies, minds and spirits that I would feel greedy not sharing some of the amazing experiences and discoveries I have had.

A topic that has come up recently is the concept of balancing stress and rest. In the body when stress is applied to the muscles and bones they grow stronger but if too much stress is placed on the body, the muscles will strain or in the worst case the bones will break. It is important to know your body’s limits, to push it to the point of growth and not to the point of breaking. It is a fine line that we walk and it is one of the most important lessons I learned from my body for all areas of my life. In today’s world it is easy to become consumed by work and forget to leave time for rest. Rest means not thinking about work, relaxing, doing something completely different for a while. When rest time is allowed in a training session, then the body can recover and has new strength to complete the next set. If rest time is not allowed before using that same muscle again its energy stores will be depleted and the body will be unable to lift as much weight as if could with a period of rest. Applying this lesson to our lives is so valuable because allowing time for our brain to think about something else gives us the ability to come back to our work with new strength and focus.