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What Can I Add?

When I sit down to meditate an abundance of thoughts fill my head. I think of them like a snow globe swirling about but after a few minutes, some days many minutes, they begin to settle. Tonight as they settled one glowing thought seemed to fill my whole snow globe. What can I add? After a few extremely busy months I noticed that my thought process had become more about subtracting things. Thoughts like, “I would feel better if I didn't eat sweets, drink coffee, etc.” frequently entered my mind. What can I add though? When this thought popped into my mind I had a shift of perspective. It isn't about what I can subtract from my life to make it better, it's about what I can add. For me those additions are more joy, more adventure, more fresh fruits and veggies, more laughter, and more compassion. Sure, there are things that I do everyday that I would be better off without but focusing on what needs to go has never helped me let it go. Focusing on what positive new things I can add to my life naturally takes attention away from the negatives and slowly those things that are no longer serving me disappear. So, I encourage you take a moment to write down somethings you would like to do, see and feel. Allow some room for those in your life.