Why Having a Workout Plan Matters

Lets talk about the benefits of having a plan for your workouts. How many times have you gotten to the gym only to realize you aren't quite sure what to do? How many times have you left the gym feeling unsure about whether you did the right exercises to get you to your goals? I can't tell you the amount of people who have expressed this concern to me.

In order to keep you body pain free, healthy, and happy, it is important to work each muscle group in your body each week. This means making sure to choose exercises that target each muscle group. The order and type of exercises you do matter too and it depends on your goal. Someone looking to gain muscle is going to have a completely different style workout than someone looking to lose fat. If you start your week off strong and do an amazing leg workout on Monday but then don't workout again until the following Thursday, at which point, you decide to go on a run, you'll eventually end up in pain from imbalances in your muscle distribution through out your body. Even if you go years working different muscle groups inconsistently without any pain, you will not see the results you want, be it muscle gain, fat loss or anything else. The key to results is consistent activity and planning. Planning allows you to go back and see what worked and didn't work for your body, which, in turn allows you to make adjustments that get you better results the next time around. This is why having a plan for your week and for each workout is so important! You don't necessarily need to go to a gym to have a consistent exercise routine, many of my online clients workout in their homes and their programs are customized to fit whatever equipment (or none) that they have access to.

The benefit of having a plan is that you go into your workout with the intention of completing a specific set of exercises and you know that it covers all the muscle groups you need to work that day. If you feel comfortable with your knowledge of anatomy and physiology and can make yourself a workout plan that covers all muscle groups within each week, I highly suggest you do so! If not, try signing up for my in person or online coaching to make sure that you are using your time as efficiently and effectively as possible. My goal is always to help you get to your goal in the most enjoyable, effective and efficient way possible!

Sierra KelloggComment