Holiday Self Care Tips


As the days get shorter and shorter, I am beginning to feel the desire to stay inside curled up with a good book and cup of tea. This time of year is when most of my clients begin to share how difficult it is to get up and get moving. I completely understand!

To top it off this is the season of holiday parties, delicious food and drinks, which creates a perfect storm. We stay inside more, eat rich foods, drink sugary, alcoholic drinks, and stress more because, as wonderful as the holidays are, they are also stressful!

The holidays are a time when many of us travel and spend time family but travel and family time can often be stressful even if it's wonderful at the same time. This time can also remind us of people we used to spend holidays with or bring up feelings of loneliness if we are spending them alone.

For all these reasons I've compiled a list of holiday self care tips. To get moving, de-stress and practice mindfulness. I hope you find them helpful. Sending you all much love. 

Holiday Self Care Tips

1. Take a morning walk, solo or with companions, it can be a precious moment to think or bonding time with loved ones. 
2. Intentionally take time for yourself give yourself the gift of a moment of quiet alone time. 
3. Dance at the party this is a great way to get your exercise while still enjoying your holiday social time :)
4. Take a taste but don't stuff yourself try the yummy treats but don't eat to the point of discomfort. This thanksgiving I was uncomfortably full for an hour after eating! The food was delicious but I could have eaten a few less bites and felt great afterwards! One way to do this is to eat slower! Note to self. 
5. Practice the pause in communication, especially with those we are very comfortable with, it is easy to fall into reactive behavior. Practice the pause is an idea I came upon while trying to understand mindful communication. The idea is that before responding to something we pause for just a moment before responding. The act of pausing allows us to react in a more mindful way. 
6. Breathe: When you feel a bit overwhelmed, remember to take a few deep breathes. Feel your feet on the ground and smell the fresh air around you. 
7. Don't compare your life to social media If you want to read more about this one read my blog on the downside of social media.

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