November the Month of Gratitude


First off, I want to thank all of you for taking the time to read this post! I like to view the entire month of November as a time to tune in to gratitude, to remind ourselves how much we have to be grateful for. When we shift our thinking into focusing on how much we already have, and away from how much we need, we start to experience many other positive emotions. Research shows that people who practice counting their blessings and visualizing their best selves and for just 2 weeks show increased positive mood and emotions compared to those who don't (Kennon, 2007). This is one of many studies that has found positive correlations between thinking or writing about the things we are grateful for and improvement in our general mood and sense of wellbeing. So, how do we practice gratitude? I've compiled a list of five things we can do to tune in to gratitude.
1. Write down 5 things we are grateful for each and every day.
2. Say thank you to someone in our life who has helped and been there for us, even for the little things we don't always remember to thank them for. 
3. When we encounter a difficult task, view it as a welcomed challenge instead of an obstacle.
4. Tell someone special how much we appreciate them in our lives.
5. Thank our bodies for allowing us to move, breathe, and live.

Sierra KelloggComment